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Mixing valves MIX MT


3-way mixing valve MIX MT 25, 32 for straight-through flow, applies to small and medium-sized central heating system. It can be adjusted manually or automatically by the actuator MP 10.  

Technical data:

Dimensions  from 1” to 1 1/4”
Seal:  two O-ringi EPDM
Body:  brass CW617N
Rotor and cap:
 brass CW617N
Angle of rotary:  90 St.
Max pressure
 10 bar
Max temp.  110 St. C
Handle:  red or blue plastic
Scale:  aluminum


MP 10

Construction of mixing valve MIX MT:

Mounting the actuator MP 10 on mixing valve MIX MT:



                                      DN 25                                                               DN 32



Examples of applications 3-way mixing valve MIX MT

Diagrams and scale setting

Mounting and operating instructions

Photos of high quality

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  Mixing valve MIX MT 25
  Mixing valve MIX MT 32