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Pump group M-SMT - DN 20

                                       Mixing group M-SMT - DN 20 with a rotary valve is designed for floor heating manifolds. Its task is to limit the temperature of the medium introduced into the
manifold. The group can be connected using a nipple (see table below) with all types of manifolds with a spacing of 220 mm. The set consists of a rotary mixing valve with a flow of kvs 6.3 with the possibility of connecting the actuator MP 10, two thermometers forsupply and return water, a ball valve with brass couplings and Wilo or Grundfos pumps.
Technical data:
Axle spacing:
kvs mixing valve:
Max temperature:
Max pressure:

220 mm
6 bar
1" F


Catalog number

Pump group M-SMT - DN 20 with mixing valve, with pump Wilo Yonos Para 15/6 130
Pump group M-SMT - DN 20 with mixing valve, with pump Grundfos UPM3 Auto L 15-70
Set two brass nippels G 1" with o-ring for connection pump group with brass manifold Womix 210020


Mounting and operating instructions

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