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Solar unit VERTIGO VRD 90 - DN 20


VERTIGO VRD90 is a forced circulation solar station with variable flow rate 2-12 l/min. The feature that makes it unique is the flexibility of installation of several digital solar controllers, regardless of their size and dimensions. In order to protect the digital solar controllers from the overheating, VERTIGO VRD 90 is equipped with an insulation that totally separates the solar station from the digital controller. The frontal covering case has an air intake that allows the right aeration of the electronic device.

The group was made ​​for the installation of the circulation pumps with a length of 130mm body and connection ½"(Male 1").



Technical data:

Check valve opening: 350 mm H2
Insulation material: EPP black 40g/l
Pression max.: 8 bar
Max temperature: 110°C
Pump: Grundfos UPM3 Solar 15 - 75
Installation length of pump: 130 mm
Insulation dimensions: 200 x 360 x 210
Axle spacing: 90 mm
nose cone connection for pipe Cu Ø 22 mm




Solar unit VERTIGO VRD without controller:



Group VERTIGO VRD 90 - DN 20 with flow rate 2-12 l/min., without pump              
Group VERTIGO VRD 90 - DN 20 with flow rate 2-12 l/min., with pump Grundfos UPM3 Solar 15 - 75 606566