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Solar units MAVERICK VRD DN 25


MAVERICK VRD 90 is a forced circulation solar station with variable flow rate 5-40 l/min . MAVERICK VRD 90 is a modular system. Different combinations of electronic management and flow rate regulation can be installed to get a product with different characteristics. The possibility to assemble different types of flow rate regulators makes it a versatile system to satisfy small and large plants. The intelligence of the controller allows to manage up to 15 different typologies of plants. Equipped with pictograms display, allows to be used all over the world without any language problem. MAVERICK VRD 90 can directly be installed on the wall or in a solar tank through fixing bracket in equipment (supplied with the kit).

The group was made ​​for the installation of the circulation pumps with a length of 180mm body and connection 1"(Male 1½").

Technical data:

Check valve opening: 450 mm H2
Insulation material: EPP black 40g/l
Pression max.: 8 bar
Max temperature: 110°C
Pump: WILO Yonos Pico STG 25/1-7,5
Installation length of pump: 180 mm
Insulation dimensions: 500 x 260 x 180
Axle spacing: 90 mm




Group MAVERICK VRD 90 - DN 25 (1") with flow rate  5-40 l/min., without pump 606523
Group MAVERICK VRD 90 - DN 25 (1") with flow rate  5-40 l/min., with WILO Yonos Pico STG 25/1-7,5 306547