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Circulation pump Womix eco BASIC


Sanitary, heating and cooling installations.

Water circulation in heating and air-conditioning installations.
Modernization and extension of existing installations.
For single- and multi-family housing.
Floor heating installations.

Lifting height:
Max energy consumption:
Temperature of the pumped medium:

Proportion of glycol in a mixture with water
Maximum working pressure:
Rotor assembly:
Mounting dimension:
Dimensions of connections:
Catalog number:

up to 3,2m3/h
up to 6 m
42 W 
-10°C ÷ +110°C Protect against condensation and freezing
(max. 20%) In the case of glycol in the amount above 20%, check the hydraulic performance
10 bar (PN 10)
stainless steel / composite / carbon
GZ 1 1/2"
cast iron

Automatic regulation: the pump automatically adjusts the operating conditions based on the requirements of the given installation. If a drop in flow is detected, the inverter reduces the pump pressure difference until the desired lift height is reached.
The PREMIUM eco pump has a built-in display providing information on the actual hydraulic performance and electric power of the pump as follows: the display shows the electrical power of the pump in watts for 10 seconds, then shows the water column height (differential pressure) in meters for 10 seconds, then the actual flow in m3 / h for the next 10 seconds. Then the display returns to showing the energy consumption in watts and the cycle starts again.


Mounting and operating instructions

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